The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago most definitely has a name and reputation that is well deserved. This facility is considered the best rehabilitation hospital in all America.

Yet, despite the great benefits associated with its care and its well established name in the industry, very few people know much about its history and background. Great facilities such as this do not appear overnight and learning the interesting facts surroundings its emergence to prominence may prove interesting to many.

One reason this facility has proven to be so successful in treating patients is its longevity as a leader in the healthcare industry. The RIC (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) was founded in 1954 and has made many innovations over the years as it sought to deliver quality care to those in need. Such care ranges from the direct treatment of and advocacy to patients and the facility is also highly involved with research and education into the entire spectrum of physical therapy, medicine, and rehabilitation.

The treatment offered to those in need of rehabilitation certainly ranges. Treatment is available for those that suffer from serious and severe conditions such as injuries to the spinal cord injury, a traumatic brain injury, or cerebral palsy. Treatment is also available for common injuries and ailments such as sports related injuries or serious arthritis. When one stops to examine all the different areas of treatment and the many different spheres of treatment available, it becomes quite obvious why the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago can be considered among the best choice for those in need of effective physical rehabilitation therapy and care. Whether one is in need of outpatient care, inpatient care, or extensive rehabilitation, the providers at this facility can meet such needs.

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago has received its “number one ranking for care” from the prestigious magazine US News and World Report and has received such a ranking every year since 1991. Truthfully, this facility may be the best rehabilitation hospital in modern times

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