A Healthy Life from Owning a Pet

Urban people suffer from the stress and depression of having to spend their waking moments in the urban jungle. The costs associated with this lifestyle are high and often lead people to pop pills.


However, there is a way to having a healthful life without resorting to taking pills. They can be addressed by simply taking care of animals. Taking care of them may require a visit to the drugstore for pets (or order online if you have a recipe from your pet docter).­

Pets are good anti-depressants. Since they need attention from their owners, the owners are distracted from entertaining negative thoughts. It also raises their self-esteem through certain tasks such as bathing, feeding and playing with them. These tasks imply that the animals are in need of someone to take care of them. Likewise, they are better at lowering blood pressure then synthetically manufactured ACE inhibitors­. With a lower blood pressure, their susceptibility to other diseases which may be complications of hypertension or cholesterol, are reduced.

Owning a pet, such as a cat, also decreases the risk of having a fatal heart attack due to a reduced level of stress and anxiety. This is based on a study speculating that having a cat lowers anxiety and stress. The reduction in stress levels results from being more relaxed and worry-free when one spends time with their pets. Further, it allows owners to forget about their concerns, especially those that have something to do with money or work. The feeling of contentment when interacting with pets also increases.

Contrary to what has been previously believed, several studies suggest that children who grow up alongside animals, develop a resistance to allergies and asthma. They have a stronger immune system and a tolerance for allergic reactions such as eczema.

Moreover, people who have pets are likel­y to gain the benefits of weight loss and exercise. This is because they have to walk their dogs. The experience has more regularity than exercising with other people because people may have other appointments or are tired during the time they are supposed to exercise. A person could shed off 14 lbs. in a year just by walking a dog five times a week for 20 mins.

Taking pets for a walk also project an image of approachability on the part of their owners. Such relaxed impressions invite others to make eye contact and enable owners to make friends with other people. It can be an avenue for social interaction.

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